Some very popular bakery foods

Looking back at the best from last year’s collection we welcome the New Year with grandeur. These are the ones that were an instant hit with all bakery food lovers. Let us revisit the classic bakery foods of last year in a memorable trip back to 2018. You can also include them in your favourite list of 2019 if you want to try them again. The first and foremost cake is the Rainbow Sprinkle Bread which is special for birthday with crumb topping. This cake is an explosion of flavour and fun which is baked like banana bread in a loaf pan. It is followed by the Mexican Chocolate fudge pie which has cocoa for a velvety texture along with sugar dust.

Next is the Classic Cinnamon Rolls which is a sticky comfort food. The rolls are timeless treats and one of the best bakery foods. The Natural Strawberry Cake comes with a brown butter frosting to epitomize springtime. This is a very light cake which is perfect for any occasion or even a simple day when you need something sweet. The Dried Cranberry Shortbread cookies are simple, mouth-watering and loaded with butter. For any holiday season this is the best edible gift for your loved ones. It has a rich ruby red colour perfect for the festive season. 

Peanut Butter Nutella Coffee Cake is worth a mention and the entire list is incomplete without this cake. This is a wonderful combination of chocolate and peanut butter with roasted peanuts. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you are good to go. Next is the Rum Raisin hot cross buns which is a signature bakery food and a celebratory eat for festive seasons. Another favourite food is the Classic Chocolate Chip cookie which is a big oversized cookie. It is said that the bigger the cookie, the better it is hence the size. Treat yourself and your loved ones to this cookie for celebrating any moment in your life. 

These are the most popular Baker foods of 2019 which are worth the mention, given the love and appreciation they gained. The bakery industry is finding steady success by providing food not only for your cravings and indulgences but also to attract healthy eaters. Not only elderly people but nowadays young people also look to spend time selecting the best bakery food. They look forward to enjoy some time with their friends as snacking is becoming a fad now. 

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