Healthy bakery snacks that can help you to lose weight

Wondering if healthy snacking can help you in losing weight? The balancing of nutrients is very important which will aid in weight loss. Snacks can be very helpful in weight loss when the right amount of proteins is consumed. They are perfect to keep you full for a longer time and thus limit all unhealthy food cravings. The top snacks that are healthy and assist in weight loss that you add to your diet will be shared here. The healthiest snack is mixed nuts which is the ideal nutritious snack. These nuts are proven to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, depression and many other ailments. They are perfect for you on the go routine and have 180 calories. 

Red bell pepper with guacamole is another snack item as red bell peppers are very healthy and nutritious. They are rich in quercetin, carotene and vitamin C and when mixed with guacamole provides healthy fat and fiber. Another healthy snack is plain Greek yoghurt with mixed berries as it is rich in protein, calcium and potassium. Apple and peanut butter is another healthy snack option and rates great when combined. Together they give as much as 200 calories when consumed in moderate quantities. Cottage cheese, flaxseed and cinnamon is one more snack that is high in protein and can be consumed together.

Celery stick and cream cheese is a classic and low carb filling snacking item as celery contains luteolin. This is an antioxidant which reduces inflammation and helps fight cancerous cells. When you consume 5 celery sticks with cream cheese, you will have less than 200 calories. Kale chips are also a healthy snack when mixed with 3 grams of salt and 15 ml of olive oil. Almonds and dark chocolate make for a satisfying, rich and wholesome snack.

In addition to this, cucumber and hummus is another healthy snacking option. Cucumber has an anticancer component called cucurbitacin E and hummus is made of chickpeas, garlic and olive oil. These are all proven to benefit the heart and improve overall health. 

Fruits like apples, pears, grapefruit, orange, grapes and bananas are wholesome and keep you full for a long time. They act as an accelerator to your weight loss process. Cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese can be consumed for weight loss as they are nutrient dense. When mixed together, they have potassium, lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin B12, calcium and proteins. It decreases cardiovascular risks and raises the HDL level which is the good cholesterol. Chia seed pudding is loaded with fiber and antioxidants which keeps you satisfied for a longer time and aid is weight loss. Hard boiled eggs are the best way to lose weight and they are healthy too. Boiled eggs are absolutely filling and also reduce the calorie intake for a longer period of time. This keeps a check on your weight and helps in losing overall weight. Few more important snacks for losing weight are baby carrots and blue cheese dressing, cheese cubes, whey protein shake, ricotta cheese and cocoa powder, artichoke hearts that are marinated in olive oil.

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